About Us

Improve Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our goal in creating Classical Beauty Spa was to create a unique experience in Northern Colorado. We wanted to provide a luxurious spa experience at a price most people could afford. We believe that gaining wisdom with age, while still preserving our youthful glow should be accessible to anyone and everyone who truly cares about their self care.


I’m Lenina Olivas, the owner and operator of Classical Beauty Spa in Loveland, Colorado. My journey began 15 years ago when I received my first professional facial. I had suffered from acne for most of my life. It started when I was 13 and developed into cystic acne in my 30s. I consulted with dermatologists time and time again in hopes of it getting better. One day, a female dermatologist told me something that completely changed my life. She said “if we don’t get your acne under control your skin will become pitted and scarred. I recommend you get regular  facials every 4-6 weeks till we get your skin under control.” 


My first thought was I didn’t want skin that looked like the moon and my second thought was I cannot afford monthly facials. Luckily, they worked with me and the experience completely changed my life and my outlook on skincare. My skin cleared up and I gained confidence I never had before. This experience is what inspired me to share the health and personal care benefits of professional skin care. 


My hope is to continue to work with Dermalogica and to provide people who may not have the financial means to gain the beautiful skin they deserve. Beautiful skin shouldn’t be a luxury to those who are born beautiful or who have deep pockets. Having beautiful skin requires a commitment from both the client and the skin care professional. My commitment to you

is to always offer the highest quality in skin care at affordable prices, and to never advise you to indulge in unnecessary treatments or products. My own personal experience with professional skin care has given me the motivation to provide

this wonderful service to everyone, especially those who have always felt that skin care was too expensive or a luxury

that they couldn’t afford.