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Our Promise to You

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

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My promise to you is to keep my prices affordable and to not sell you items you don’t need. Part of the reason why I opened up a day spa is so I have the ability to set the prices. When I needed facials the most it was at the time in my life when I could least afford them. Luckily, my Dermatologist worked with me and my budget, however this may not be the case for most people.

I started receiving facials on a regular basis and noticed big improvements in my skin. Not only did my skin improve but I also noticed major improvements in my confidence as well. It took time, patience, and consistency for me to love the skin I was in but it did happen.

Did I always have the money? No. Did I always have the time? No. What I did have was the desire to have clear beautiful skin. I wanted the type of skin I would like to touch and the type of skin I would be happy to show off without makeup.

As I looked around for spas that offer facials I soon realized I couldn’t afford 99% of the services they offered. I stuck to the dermatologist office where I could afford services and purchased packages so I could receive a small discount. I skipped the boutique coffee shops, happy hour, and purchasing new articles of clothing; so I could afford the most cost effective facial. To say paying for facials was a hardship was an understatement. No it wasn’t a necessity like groceries or rent but I couldn’t put a price tag on the confidence clear skin gave me.

I used drugstore cleansers because that is what I could afford. I would have loved to have been able to afford “designer beauty care products” but it simply wasn’t in my budget. I had to make a choice between designer beauty care products OR regular facials. I chose regular facials and got more bang out of my buck.

Fast forward to now and everything has come full circle. I looked back and remembered what it was like to not be able to afford 99% of services or 99.98% of “designer beauty care products”. So in being true to myself and others just like me I have kept my prices what they were a decade ago. I also understand that not everyone needs or wants “designer beauty care products” so I will not sell you something you don’t need or want.

My philosophy is consistency in the correct daily skin care regime and getting facials on a regular basis will produce the results you desire. Our philosophy at Classical Beauty Spa is to not add anything you don’t already have. What we do is make what you have naturally more beautiful. This is my promise to you.

Lenina Olivas

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